Presidential Cycling Tour of Türkiye Begins in Cappadocia

The Presidential Cycling Tour of Türkiye, organized under the patronage of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye, the Ministry of Culture and the Tourism and Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), will take place on a unique route full of historical and natural beauty.

The “Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkiye” was organized for the first time in 1963 by the Turkish Cycling Federation as the only intercontinental cycling tour in the world and was referred to as the “Marmara Tour”. This year, the tour will enjoy a different route starting in Cappadocia on April 11 and ending in Kuşadası on April 18. Participation extended to riders from 12 countries and will be broadcasted on Eurosport for 3 hours every day, allowing bicycle race enthusiasts to witness the experience from the comfort of their homes.

The race covers around 1347 kilometers and includes historical locations such as Konya, Beyşehir, Alanya, Kemer, Göğübeli Peak, Fethiye, Marmaris, Turgutreis, Bodrum and Kuşadası. Teams and athletes from Belgium, Israel, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, United States, Norway, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Switzerland and Malaysia will enjoy the natural and historical sights of Turkiye as they cycle through famous touristic destinations.

In line with the concept of sustainable tourism, the Ministry of Tourism has been issuing “Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Facility Document and Safe Tourism Certificates”. These measures along with other hygiene regulations will ensure that this year’s cycling tour can proceed while the safety and health of participants is guaranteed.

About TGA:
TGA operates to ensure that Turkiye is a well-known brand in domestic and international tourism. TGA promotes all possible aspects of the heritage of Turkiye, and engages in short-, medium- and long-term communication and marketing activities to help raise the share of the tourism industry in the national economy while improving the experience of anyone visiting Turkiye. TGA is responsible for carrying out all promotional, marketing and communication activities to help Turkiye achieve its tourism objectives, promote and market the current tourism resources worldwide, and discover, develop and make available potential tourism resources in line with the tourism strategies and policies made by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The Safe Tourism Certification Program:
Turkiye implemented the “Safe Tourism Program Certification” during the 2020 tourism season. The program was rapidly embraced by the key players in the industry and defines a series of measures that must be taken across a vast range of related areas including food & beverage, transportation, and accommodation establishments to ensure the health and well-being of facility personnel and guests, both local and foreign.

Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Facility Document:
To promote cycling tourism, a notification was published in the Official Gazette on August 25, 2020 on bicycle-friendly accommodation certificates. To obtain this certificate, hospitality businesses are required to fulfill the criteria which can be found on TGA’s official website. In addition, the website showcases information on the abundant natural and historical riches in the regions through which the routes pass.